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Mink lashes 5, 10, 15mm

Unveil your elegance with the premium quality of 10mm mink lashes, 15mm mink lashes, and natural 5mm mink lashes. Crafted with care, these 100% mink lashes are beautifully made into full-strip lashes that fit perfectly with your eyes. The distinguished quality of these lashes is further enhanced by their varying lengths, providing generous ways to tailor your unique look. Their versatility is endless, from subtle transformations achieved with softer, more natural 5mm lashes to dramatic effects rendered by the longer, fuller 10mm and 15mm lashes. Coupled with their easy application and high reusability, these mink lashes are the epitome of luxury in cruelty-free form. Elevate your beauty routine with these exquisite lashes and experience a world of elegance.


Tailored Fit for All Eye Shapes

Experience the allure of mink false eyelashes with our seamlessly tailored fit for all eye shapes. Whether you crave the whispery allure of 10mm lashes or the captivating fullness of fluffy 15mm lashes, our lashes can be trimmed to perfection, ensuring an exquisite fit that champions your unique eye shape. The luxurious cotton band of our mink lashes provides unparalleled comfort and an effortless application process. Regardless of your preferred style, we prioritize your comfort by guaranteeing a soft yet sturdy band that maintains a robust hold without compromising the feel against your eyelid. Infusing trend-setting style with comfort, our 10mm lashes and fluffy 15mm options set the gold standard in the realm of mink false eyelashes. Choose our mink lashes for a tailored fit, easy application, and a level of comfort that elevates your beauty routine to new heights.

Embrace the Charm of Long-lasting Beauty

Indulge in the allure of our long mink lashes, specially crafted with an emphasis on comfort and durability. At the heart of our collection are the 10 mm false lashes — worthy of applause with their elegant and natural silhouette. These reusable mink lashes are unmatched for their long-lasting appeal, promising to carry you through countless social events:

  • With proper care, they become a glamorous mainstay in your beauty routine.

  • These lashes are resilient and create a stunning and sumptuous look that holds its appeal.

  • They are more than just a lash extension; they are an invitation to embrace the charm of everlasting beauty.

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